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Leveraging 25+ Years of Expertise to Secure Top Talent for the UK's Finest.

Our Aim

We aim to offer a full service to our customers and we are proud to be partnered with some of the best in the UK to secure them top talent.  With over 25 years of working with some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious privately owned hotels, we’re proud to offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Steven Quick

Founder of SQ Hospitality

Our Services To You

Recent Client Reviews

We work with SQ Hospitality to assist in the placement of permanent positions, their approach is to get to know the candidate, meet them face to face and deliver a personal, genuine approach to recruitment. In addition, Steve is an experienced hotelier, friendly, personable, and responsive which makes it a pleasure to work with him.
Alan Swinson
Associate Director – Abode Hotels / Andrew Brownswords Hotels
Steve’s knowledge and passion for the industry has helped drive the business he is involved in forward through varied strategies. It is clear that Steve does not give a ‘one approach to all’, and adapts any advice needed to the business in question, which shows incredible depth and detail. He has been hugely supportive and is always there with an answer or solution when needed, which has allowed the business and people to grow and move forward positively.
Josh Chadwick
Hotel Manager, The Tawny Hotel and Spa
Steven is an innovative, commercially astute, and highly influential Manager with many years comprehensive experience in General and Cluster Management, gained within the luxury hospitality industry. A Robust record of achievement, demonstrating the ability and drive to convert every opportunity into profit and growth. An inspirational leader, consistently generating results through a strategic, passionate, and progressive approach to people, hospitality, service, and results. Outstanding interpersonal, communication and leadership ability utilised to develop teams and commercialise all aspects of a business. Always very focused, loyal, and determined to achieve company goals through optimising change and developing company procedures.
Stephen Allison
Managing Director, The Bromley Court Hotel

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